Sati Yoga is a contemporary, non-dogmatic approach to breath work, posture practice, ethics, and meditation that has developed from years of our own practice and teaching as well as input from students. It has come from our experience of living on an island, our deep connection to the land and the animals, the natural cycles and seasons.

It’s a response to some urgent questions we’ve been asking for a long time now: how is it possible to live a life that allows one to flourish while at the same time appropriately responding to the multiple crises we are living through and contributing to- climate, biodiversity, inequality and lately the pandemic?

Sati – the word for mindfulness in Pali (the language the of the early teachings of the Buddha) is the key. Using sati instead of the english translation invites us to explore the multiple, varied and subtle meanings which go beyond ‘present moment awareness’. Cultivating this quality allow us to delve deep into the experience of pranyama, asana, meditation in turn opening up to other connections – to the earth beneath our feet, to the air that surrounds us, to the water that flows though our bodies and then through the landscape.

Sati Yoga is a creative and ethical process towards what an embodied ethics might look like and welcomes all who are exploring different ways of practicing. It is very much a work in progress – we’d love you to join us in this journey!

Sangha is community. The word’s origin is Sanskrit and Pali. A community that is based around shared values. Our teaching approach has prioritizes contributions and feedback from students. Over the years a sangha of like-minded people has been developing- including those who have returned to Macalla Farm for courses and retreats, who have studied with us on our teacher training courses, who have lived with us on the farm, who have shared their insights and experience with us. With our physical connections being so restricted, now is the time to cultivate sangha -being part of a community based on shared values to explore together the pressing questions in these challenging times. If you’re interested in finding out more, sign up for our newsletter and/or contribute to the forum.

We have been teaching for more than 20 years, running retreats since 2001, more recently training teachers in our unique approach to yoga. And, now since the pandemic, we’re delighted to be able to offer courses online- as well as mentorship and one-to-one tuition.

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Amazing Yoga and Meditation Centre on the beautiful Clare Island. Authentic teachers who have created a warm and welcoming space. Fabulous food and stunning scenery.
Amanda H.
Food for the body and soul. Wonderful tuition, fabulous fresh food and stunning scenery. Clare Island Yoga stands apart from the rest.
Nora McN.
This is my third time staying at Macalla Farm, Clare Island Yoga retreat centre for a week long retreat/course. Each time exceeds my expectations.
Máire N.