About us

Ciara Cullen

Ciara has been practising yoga for over twenty years and has been teaching since 1999. She has studied with a number of senior teachers throughout the world, the equivalent of more than 1000 hours of training.

She spent over a decade intensively practising the ashtanga vinyasa system, studying with Pattabhi Jois in Mysore in 2001 and had as her main teachers John Scott, Graeme Northfield and Nancy Gilgoff. She has also been influenced by both the precision and subtleties of classical hatha as taught by Acharaya Venkatesh and Hema (Mysore, India).

Over the last ten years her practice has evolved into a deep, slow mindful integration of asana, breath work and meditation. This has been inspired by her studies with Rossella Baroncini, who was a direct student of Vanda Scaravelli for 17 years. Since 2005, Ciara has been studying one-to-one with Rossella, either at Macalla Farm, where Rossella teaches a retreat every summer, or in her studio in Florence, Italy.


Christophe has been studying and practising yoga since 1994. He originally trained as an Iyengar teacher in the late 1990s, but his practice and teaching have since been influenced by a number of other yoga styles, particularly ashtanga vinyasa and the atma vikasa style of Acharaya Venkatesh (from Mysore, India), his main teacher for a number of years.

Pranayama (yogic breathing) has also been an important part of his practice from early on. His main pranayama teachers include S. OP Tewari and Emil Wendel .

More recently, his quest for a more balanced practice led him to study the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha, whose teachings on ethics and meditation he found to complement and enrich his hatha yoga practice, and he regularly practices both Tranquility and Insight meditation.

Christophe is certified by the Independent Yoga Network as a senior (1000 hours) teacher and a yoga elder.