Residential Retreats

We have been running residential yoga retreats on Clare Island off the west coast of Ireland since 2001.


The island provides a unique setting with nature so close at hand and supports the cultivation of awareness in reconnecting with our bodies, our breath, to the earth.

Years of practice and study and teaching contributed to the development of the Sati Yoga approach. But we could say that our years of living at Macalla Farm on the island have directly informed this approach. Being so fortunate to live close to the land and to the sea, we are delighted to share this special place with you.

Our yoga retreats are small (reduced by Covid 19 restrictions) usually 6 to 8 students and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.   To comply with the social distancing requirements brought about by the COVID 19 crisis, all accommodation is single rooms in one of our cottages, unless you come with a partner or friend you wish to share with. For those on a tight budget it is also possible to camp.

We are vegetarian and the food on all our courses is strictly vegetarian (with vegan and gluten-free options on request). We pay great attention to the quality of ingredients we use, nearly 100% organic ingredients with and almost all the vegetables and fruit in your meals from Macalla Farm garden and polytunnels. And we don’t mind saying, the food is absolutely delicious.

week end /week long

Weekend yoga retreats

Yoga and meditation courses designed for students (from keen beginners to experienced practitioners) who wish to explore the connection between mindfulness and the classical eight limb system of yoga and build their own practice.

immersion / advanced


For advanced students and teachers, these longer retreats offer an in-depth exploration of yoga  practice using an integrative framework of mindfulness and ethics, as well as a unique approach to breath work.


Christophe offers a  number of winter retreats combining yoga and meditation with sailing to beautiful, warm locations. You will live on board a sailing yacht, practice Sati yoga on tropical beaches, and learn to sail!
Suitable for all levels.

silent retreats


Week long silent retreats based around a particular theme. Daily sessions of slow and mindful asana as well as breath work support the practice of settling body and mind in the silence. Group and individual meetings take place throughout the week.