Self-paced courses are designed to give you a supported learning experience over a number of weeks through progressive modules. Included in each module are written, audio and video content. Suggested practices are offered so that you can work on various elements of the teachings in your own time in between the modules. We urge you to undertake these self-practices as they will really help in the learning process and hopefully make a difference to your practice. Once you have completed the weekly exercises, the next module will become available to you.


Befriending the Breath

A wonderful introduction to cultivating breath awareness, suitable for complete beginners as well as more experienced practitioner who are interested in this approach. Over four modules, you’ll learn a unique approach to breathwork, drawing from secular mindfulness and classical yoga. The course includes audio guided meditation and breathing practices as well as written support material.

alternate nostril breathing

Finding blalance

This course introduces, over two modules, the practice of Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing). It includes audio and video material, as well as  written support material.
This course is only available to students already familiar with the Sati yoga approach.